Gavin Sharp
Corporate Psychologist
Mel McGoldrick

Mel draws on more than 25 years of leadership and management experience across a range of industries in the public and private sectors. Early in her career she started her first business as a retailer where she developed the foundations of her leadership experience.

Mel has significant experience in providing a broad range of tailored services through design and delivery of programs in a variety of organisations to build capability, responding positively to diversity, change and with a focus on helping those she works with increase self awareness.


Gavin has over 15 years experience as an organisational consultant psychologist, specialising in developing solutions and strategies for organisations for people and team issues. Gavin possesses a suite of programs that address change, leadership, communication, conflict, bullying, and harassment, performance management, emotional intelligence and related topics. - Contact Gavin on: 0413 433 235


Tim Draffen

Tim draws experience from roles in Professional and Financial Services, Software Development and senior roles in the VPS. He combines the latest skills and practices in coaching effective leaders with his significant experience in talent management, skills development, and his political and behavioural understanding of how organisations and people function. Tim enjoys working with both aspiring and mature leaders in helping them to make the connections that are paramount in today's agile marketplace. Contact Tim on 0400 077 337

Greg is a trusted professional with an impressive record of human resources management, built both through international and national assignments over the past 25 years. As Executive Director, Greg leads the HR team with a practical and empathic style that typifies the Crossroads approach. Greg brings unity and improved efficiency to workplaces, and has successfully facilitated the transformation of ineffective workplace units into high performing and engaged teams. He is qualified at the tertiary level in Social Sciences, majoring in Industrial Psychology and HR Management. - Contact Greg on: 0412 022 874

Paul Hodgman
Paddy Rao
Training Consultant

We help organisations shift their cultures and improve their performance from the ground up.

We are passionate about improving the world of work. This means we think about our community's stagnant productivity & employee engagement levels & we're determined to impact this in a  positive way.

Our team is pragmatic,  very experienced and practical and determined to combine 21st century thinking and technologies to deal with these challenges.  

Greg Halse

Paul brings a combination of pragmatic HR services and a deep interest and passion in the untapped potential of his fellow human being. He loves working with teams and individuals to clarify visions, align effort; cement values and lock in change. 

He has proprietary frameworks and digital platforms to measure and support your next change project. Contact Paul on: 0414 242 527

Paddy is renowned for designing & implementing effective Learning and Development programs/initiatives for impacting business & managing change. He has a wonderful creative spirit and is  a passionate and commercial L&D Professional. His experience covers diverse business disciplines but  sales, marketing and management are key areas of expertise.


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