Business strategy facilitation

Over the last 20 years we have helped executives set their business and people strategy across a broad range of industries.


Using a well-established methodology we can help the leadership team of your business determine its priorities, set goals, overcome obstacles and develop a practical implementation plan.

Digital interviewing

Finding great people for your business can be time consuming and resource intensive. Crossroads HR is leading the way in streamlining this process through the use of cutting edge digital interviewing.  Our Crossmatch platform allows rapid shortlisting through an online video interview process that saves applicants and you time and energy.


Through Crossmatch candidates answer pre-set questions over a specified period of time, based on your criteria and candidates record their digital answers on line. This allows us to quickly identify candidates with talent.

Actionable Conversations
A habit building platform

Actionable Conversations is a simple yet powerful platform that dramatically improves workplace effectiveness through better relationships and shifted behaviour.


What makes Actionable Conversations unique is the triple impact of learner skill development, leader credibility enhancement, and real-time insight for the organizational leaders around measurable behaviour change and leader impact. All in roughly an hour a month.

CEO Coach


We coach CEOs to become better CEOs and manage their business better. Our focus is on areas to which many CEOs typically do not give enough time and attention. These areas include the maximising of their people, innovation management, change management and probably most important, management of themselves, their energy and their mindsets.


Our primary service is one to one coaching, however we also have an extensive network of corporate development specialists who can be utilised if and when appropriate.

Momentum SUP

High-pressure organisations are full of emotion - including fear, stress and uncertainty.

Emotion fuels activity but deadens performance; it drives unnaturally-high states of alertness and activity, but reduces our ability to think, create and prioritise.

Just when the complexity and speed of global markets require more insightful and creative thinking, we’ve created a working environment that reduces intellectual performance, physical and mental wellbeing.

We do more, but it’s less thoughtful - dumbed down.

That’s great if you want staff to perform repetitive, low-level tasks. But we live in a different world now.  

Cognitive Diversity Program

Increased diversity means organisations understanding of diversity needs to evolve. There has been a shift from race, gender and an emphasis on observable differences. Our conversation around diversity needs to expand to include the multitude of differences that constitute the identity of individuals and affect their behaviour. Communication improvements can be dramatic when other mindsets are understood. This is where performance can be significantly improved.