Coaching and Team Development

Coaching is a process of examination, discussion, and exploration. Our skills in this area will help build insights that make sense and will often lead to action.


The definition of the phrase, ‘best practice in performance management’ has undergone some fundamental shifts in recent years. Many successful companies are moving away from the focus on annual performance reviews, and instead are realising the benefits of regular, low-key contact between managers and employees.


Crossroads can help you refocus your performance management efforts on what really counts – the day-to-day behaviour of your people.

Restructures, Career Transitions and Outplacement

We are well placed to help you shape your business in a way that best suits your needs.  From facilitated people strategy sessions, to helping you have the difficult conversations with your staff, to helping them find their feet in a new role, we have the experience to take the pain out of a transition.


For your existing staff or those who are moving on, we provide comprehensive career direction counselling and outplacement services.

Outsourced HR- retained, or on call

We’re not a call centre. We are hands on and work directly with you to deliver results.

Our support varies based on your needs and includes everything people related. This spans from advice on how to manage an under-performing employee, to workforce planning that will help you build the team you will need in the future.


With our retained service packages, you can have the peace of mind that all of your HR hassles will be addressed.

Executive Search


With 20 years experience helping a broad range of businesses, we have developed an extensive network of highly capable executives. Through this network, our clients have come to trust our ability to help them source the people they need to lead their business.


As an ongoing partner, Crossroads PPI is motivated to get great people into your business, because we know that they will be our partners in the future.